Here are links to tutorials you'll find on the Adapting Creatively blog (or linked from here)... Click on the titles, please, since the picture links are not cooperating lately. Thanks!

The Great Onsie Extender from A Girl and a Gluegun

DIY Disposable Swim Pants for the Larger Swimmer from Adapting Creatively

G-Tube Jammies from Adapting Creatively

by Adapting Creatively

Weighted Blanket by Craftnectar

Anti-Snarl Pillowcase by Adapting Creatively

Split-Back Wheelchair Jacket by Adapting Creatively

Wheelchair Rain Poncho by Adapting Creatively

Switch-Adapted Toys by Adapting Creatively

Please note that I am not here to put any of the special needs clothing makers out of business. There are some really great commercial operations making beautiful, quality clothing and offering excellent customer service. I just believe that everyone should have access to what they need. Sometimes people who love our children (including us!) want to demonstrate their love by creating a special gift that will be useful. Sometimes limits in our ability to pay means we have to make things ourselves. A parent of typical children could provide them with decent gently-used clothing from the resale shop; the fact is, parents of kids with special clothing needs simply can't do that. Until now, that is...

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