Easy--and Free--Playing Card Holder

Kids with fine motor issues (including very young typically-developing children) can find it difficult to play the card games they love. It’s just hard to hold those cards sometimes!

And if you have no hand use and someone else has to show you your cards without peeking, that can be a real tough order!
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Today we’re going to make a quick and easy playing card holder using free materials you already have on hand.
Success for kids with limited motor skills
This isn’t my original idea, and I sure wish I knew where I first heard it so I could give credit. It was years ago, and during that time I’ve made a passel of these card holders for my own children and students to use. It’s an idea worth sharing, and so here you go...
Whether it’s in your mail or in the computer aisle at the store, you are bombarded by computer CD disks offering free this or that, right? Don’t throw them away...save two!
free advertising CDs...you’ll need two of these

You’ll also need some Super Glue and a paper towel or waxed paper to work on. Super Glue is not nice to get on your pretty countertops. Trust me. Ooops.
I recently discovered LocTite’s Control Extra Time Super Glue and I love it! It work so much better than those little metal squeeze tubes. It’s easy to control where the glue will go. Plus the nozzle doesn’t clog. The glue itself works just like other Super Glues, but the packaging is amazing.
I’m loving LocTite’s Control Extra Time Super Glue!
Notice the friendly paper towel protecting my countertop?
Draw a ring of Super Glue on the edge of the inner hole on one disk. I like to glue the label sides together so the holder is less visually distracting.

Draw a circle of glue around the inner hole
Now lay the second disk on top of the first, offsetting them by about 1/8”. The offset is important!
See how the holes are offset a bit?

The ruler is marked in 1/8ths, so you can see how much the disks are offset.
What a world of difference an eigth of an inch makes!
By offsetting the disks, it’s easy to slip your playing cards between.
You can wedge the disks apart a bit if you need help slipping the cards between
Fan out your cards and start your game! You can set down your hand and pick it up without the cards getting mixed up...very handy for little fingers and those that need a little assistance.
Your cards are ready for whatever card game your kids are eager to play!
There...simple, free and just in time for summer card games on the lawn! Enjoy! 


Tonya said...

Love that.

Make Tarot Cards said...

Plastic Playing Cards. NIce Idea...

Rose-Marie said...

Tonya and Tarot, thanks! Glad this is useful.

I'll be putting up directions for a hands-free card holder this week, so be sure to come back for another quick and inexpensive support!

KDSmith said...

Again! wonderful! Thank you for sharing. (as you mentioned, when helping my son, it's hard not to see the cards) This will be great!

Rose-Marie said...

Glad you like this, KD. I hope it gives your son a chance to play without anyone spying on his cards. :0)

babar said...

playing card holders are good to secure your playing cards.
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Rose-Marie said...

Babar, I was unclear how the holders you linked to would work for assisting with motor impairments. Can you please explain this for us? Thanks!

Junior said...

love it, exactly the post I was looking for. Am going to link this to the game adaption we just did.

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Just found this. Sooooo awesome! My kids have the hardest time. I'd love to have you submit it to my M&T Spotlight, http://www.makeandtakes.com/spotlight

Rose-Marie said...

So glad this is something useful for your kids, Marie. Thanks for sharing it!

jojoebi said...

I made one of these yesterday, great idea, thanks for sharing.
I posted about it on my blog (and linked back to you)

Rose-Marie said...

Jo, I'm glad the card holder worked out well for you! Thanks for linking back. I love the picture you posted with Ebi-kun using his holder--it's great!

Tracy said...

I made this today and I am so glad you shared it. It works great. Thank you. God Bless.

Rose-Marie said...

Thanks, Tracy! I'm delighted you found this helpful. Thanks for stopping by!

Hank Hendricks said...

You can hang these cards with card holder on wall as well.
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Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I have been looking for. Keep up the good work with your creativity and dedication xx

Rose-Marie said...

Thanks for the inspiring comment, Anonymous! I'm so glad this adaptation is useful to you.

ranajean said...

I'm in a card club w/seniors and many of us have arthritic hands. We've been wanting to add some new games, but didn't think we could hold onto larger amounts of cards. This is the perfect solution! Thank you for sharing!