Celebrating with a Giveaway! (closed)

A heartfelt WELCOME to our 100th subscriber following Adapting Creatively! Thank you, thank you! The support  of all our readers means so much.

And in celebration of this milestone, I'm giving away one copy of the brand new program donated by Judy Lynn Software -- "Turn Taking!" You can read all about it here at the Judy Lynn site and even download a free trial copy (10 plays) at the bottom of the page.

A screen shot of a puzzle I made in just a couple minutes
using a photo of last spring's kid goats 

This is a motivating program for kids to learn to wait their turn, to work cooperatively, and to practice accessing the computer through any number of input devices. As with other excellent Judy Lynn programs, the screen and graphics are clean, the challenge level is highly customizable, and the results collected in useful data reports.

You can use Turn Taking right "out of the box" with the many pre-made puzzles or make it even more fun for your students by importing personal pictures and videos. What kid wouldn't love to reveal a picture of a favorite singer and watch a clip of that star's pop hit? Or uncover their own photo followed by a short video taken when they crossed the finish line at a track event?

How can you win your own copy of Judy Lynn's Turn Taking? Simply...
      1) Leave a comment below by midnight (Pacific Time) on July 4th, 2012
      2) Be sure to include your email in "disguised" format to keep spyders from stealing it (ie: spell out @ as "at" or put the word "dot" in place of the little period) so I have a way to let you know that YOU are the winner
      3) If you are so inclined, let me know what topics you would like to see covered here at Adapting Creatively. I'd love to hear!

I'll notify the winner on July 5th and delete the comments once the prize is awarded so your carefully-disguised email is removed.

Thanks so much to Judy Lynn software for this generous donation!!!

And thanks to the faithful followers of Adapting Creatively who inspire and question and suggest ideas and make blogging worthwhile--thank YOU! You guys are the best!

Congratulations to Pennie! She's our lucky winner of the Judy Lynn software, Turn Taking. Enjoy!!

Pennie, I'll email you for your mailing address and get the disk in the mail pronto. Thanks so much for your question on adapting materials for access for those early learners who don't use switches yet. Great topic; I'll get on that!

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Pennie said...

Thanks for giving us the chance to win this. As for topics I really could use some ideas on adapting PK school performance programs to allow a child with severe disabilities a way to participate. It will have to go beyond programming a switch since he has not learned to use one yet.