I’ve been sneaking in quick peeks at blog posts this week, savoring all the wonderful reasons people are thankful. I love that about Thanksgiving time, that it causes us to reflect on our blessings.

I am awed and uplifted by parents who struggle daily with some tremendous challenges that their children’s disabilities bring. The ability of these brave parents to find joy and gratitude in their difficult situations is nothing short of inspiring—even to one who lives a similar life.

When I read their lists, I am moved to think of my own reasons to be grateful in the midst of challenge.

And that does my heart good!

I am surrounded, both in “real life” and cyber-wise, by families whose lots in life are ones I can’t imagine living. And yet these families can dig through their difficulties and find reasons to be grateful. Some of you read here, and I love what you share.

A person who can look past the medical issues, past the behaviors, past the see the beauty and courage and strength and gracious soul of their surely one who has great wealth. No wonder you have thankful hearts!

As we in the United States come into this season of gratitude and appreciation, I encourage you to find the good in your situation. We who have food on our tables (however plain) or roofs over our heads (even if the gutters need repair) or families to laugh with together (warts and all)...we are truly blessed.

Now, I know it can be hard at times to even see our blessings, let alone feel grateful. I can fully empathize with families who are reeling from the unexpected shock of a painful diagnosis or a downturn in their child’s condition. I can relate to those momentary setbacks we all experience where reality serves as a magnifying glass through which we see the blemishes in our situation.

If you are having trouble finding your blessings, please, for the sake of your children, look for the little things to be thankful over. Your kids deserve to know that life can be good. They need to know that you are grateful for them.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, and please give your children a hug and let them know how thankful you are that they are in your life!


Clara-Leigh said...

This post from your sweet heart did mine some much-needed good. THANK YOU!!!!

Rose-Marie said...

You are so kind, Clara-Leigh. Thanks for YOUR encouraging words! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Thankful for all my online Friends, too! Beautiful post, Rose-Marie!


Rose-Marie said...

Agreed! I am also very grateful for online friends. We are blessed to have a connection that crosses oceans and time zones--what a terrific thing!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, Barbara!