PowerPoint Series Up and Running (Again)

If you haven't checked out the series here on using PowerPoint for meeting Assistive Technology needs, I encourage you to check it out. All the posts in the topic can be found through the "PPTs for AT" tab in the center of the top bar. You'll find so much information that your head will spin.

Thank you!!!

Thanks so much to several readers who pointed out that links to the PowerPoint as Assistive Technology series had broken. Sweat is flying off my brow as I get these links corrected. You should be able to access all the samples, templates, and handouts now at Google Docs in my PPT folder. Thanks so much for your patience with this transition!!

So far, so good, but I appreciate your help...

I've tested all the links and they worked fine at the time. But if you find any broken ones, please, pretty please let me know of any you come across that need repairing and I'll get right on that.

Coming up next, PPT communication on the Kindle Fire

In addition to my flurry of activity trying to update the links for you, I am also in the process of working out a communication PPT for the Kindle File (Shhhh, don't tell my daughter, as it's a surprise for her birthday next week). There is a lot the Kindle Fire does that she will enjoy...movies, audio and print books, YouTube. The Fire doesn't have many options for communication apps, though...

...and none of them appear to be ideal for access by eye pointing. For one, none appear at first glance to have customizable spacing between choices. For another, any that are built with a button format are symbol-based rather than words. We plan for the Fire to be a quick, on-the-go back-up tool, so what I can create in PPT should be just fine for those immediate messages she wants to share.

I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

PPT for the kindle fire!!!! What an awesome idea!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Rose-Marie said...

Me too...so far, I'm hitting a brick wall. There is a way to keep actions intact if you access the PPT live on the Cloud, but then you are limited to WiFi spots. Other than that, the only currently available PPT players just flip through the slides in order. Hmmm. Back to the drawing board!