The Parents' Corner: Great Resource for AAC Families!

Hiding all over the Internet are diamonds just waiting to be discovered. One such gem is the Parents’ Corner on the AAC Institute website. If your child uses any form of Augmented or Alternative Communication, low- or high-tech, the Parents’ Corner is for you!
Don’t let the name mislead you into thinking this resource is just for parents, either. The Parents’ Corner is full or resources for speech therapists and teachers as well. There are items you can use directly and others perfect to print out for families to follow up therapy activities at home.
The Parents’ Corner houses a collection of monthly articles written by the amazing Robin Hurd and some outstanding guest authors. Robin is the mother of four boys (a feat which, all in itself, makes her a hero), two of whom use AAC. Her background in early childhood education makes Robin a natural at linking the theory of learning AAC with the practical aspects of daily living. She’ll help you feel like you are sitting at the kitchen table sharing coffee and ideas for meaningful ways to bring AAC into your child’s life.
Here’s just a sampling of the topics you will find helpful:
Encouraging AAC use:

Developing Language Skills:
Building Literacy:
Pour another cup of coffee and sit back for some very helpful and encouraging reading! What article at the Parents' Corner do you find especially useful?

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Anonymous said...

Good one, Rose-Marie! I have been too lazy to post a list of tech sites stored in my bookmarks. I'm sharing this on twitter! Barbara