Free Online Switch Activities from Kate

Kate Ahern has done it again, showering us with a wealth of great FREE sources for switch activities! She is such a master at uncovering great stuff and generously passing it along.

I’m so grateful Kate has done this, as her list is ready for you now, ripe for picking. You can find some things today to keep your switch user(s) happy. I’ll keep plugging away at my review of these sites that I’ve been busily working on to share with you. Be watching for a switch-themed week coming up (date still to be determined); there are some fun things to share.
Be sure to hop on over to Kate's site to look at the free online switch activity sites she's posted.  And be sure to leave her a note...she does so much for the special ed community.
Do you have any other resources to add to Kate’s list? If so, please do share!


Anonymous said...

Ack! My response to your comment on my blog is completely out of context for this and the previous post. I plead memory issues from aging! Barbara

Rose-Marie said...

Oh my, no. I thought it was very appropriate. Thanks for taking time to respond! I'll chime in over at your site...

Oh yah...and where did I set my coffee cup? (aging memory issue...)