Favorite Cookie Cutters

'Tis the season for baking...Yummm! If your kids like to help out with creating festive holiday cookies (and there are a lot of fall/winter holidays!), you might be interested in these Wilton Comfort-Grip cookie cutters.

Some of our collection of Christmas Comfort-Grip cookie cutters.
There are plenty for other seasons, too, but I'll spare you !

We love these at our house. Maybe too much. In fact, I promised myself to stop counting how many I've bought over the years because I'd feel too guilty over my spending to eat the cookies we bake. But I can justify the purchases because they're, er, "therapeutic." Can't I?

My daughter with disabilities has severe fine-motor issues. She cannot control her hands voluntarily, so any participation in baking activities has to be assisted. She can operate the mixer with a switch, but adding ingredients or rolling and cutting the dough is a hand-over-hand activity. I used to worry that the sharp edges of traditional cookie cutters would hurt her hand when her hand was sandwiched between mine and the cutter.

But the Wilton cookie cutters have cushioned plastic edges. It makes them more comfortable for using hand-over-hand. The large size of these cutters also makes them helpful for children with any degree of fine motor challenge.

They are also made of very sturdy steel, unlike some of the flimsier tin cutters, so we don't have to worry about them getting pressed out of shape. That durability makes them great for kids who may not be able to be as gentle as we'd like with those delicate cutters passed down from Grandma.

Ouch! These can be sharp used hand-over-hand, and they're easy
for kids to accidentally bend out of shape.

You can find the Wilton Comfort-Grip cookie cutters for about $3.00 each. They are available at most major general retailers that carry Wilton supplies, as well as large craft and fabric chain stores. You can also purchase them online.

With the weekend approaching, you might be feeling the urge to bake up some Christmas gingerbread or sugar cookies. Why not let them help out with the cutting using some of these great cookie cutters? Mmmmmm...I can smell them already!


Anonymous said...

An excellent tip, Rose-Marie! Looks like your daughter participates in cooking often - wonderful for you both! Barbara

Rose-Marie said...

Thanks, Barbara! Yes, my daughter does enjoy baking together...the only problem is that she doesn't share in eating the output. Not good for my thighs, to be sure!