the Alphabet Soup

What a busy week that has called for some major adapting! We've had an EEG, an IEP, worked with the SLP on some AAC reports...and for some letters unrelated to disability, our DSL was down temporarily.

So how have I kept my head above water? I've had to adapt my schedule and my expectations to deal with all this Alphabet Soup of acronyms. You'll notice I haven't been blogging. My house certainly isn't ready to entertain pop-in visitors and my family has been eating "semi-homemade" meals rather than ones made from scratch. I've had to choose between brushing my teeth or flossing them (brushing always wins out, not to worry). But everybody is healthy and fed, on time to their appointments, dressed in clean clothes and holding it together. When the alphabet jumble heaps up, that's enough to ask for.

To add one more thing to the mix, our weather has been unexpectedly gorgeous. This means the outdoor chores related to the garden (harvesting and processing the last of the summer veggies and getting the beds ready for winter) have been calling. Relentlessly. I have a choice to let this stress me, because it's another demand on my time, or a choice to find solace in this quiet retreat away from the hodge-podge of appointments and meetings. Life is what you make it; I choose to find this distraction and exercise a comfortable place to leave the Alphabet Soup behind.

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