What Would YOU Like to Know About SSI?

So many important and unfamiliar events happen when our kids with disabilities turn 18 years old! One of these that confuses many of us, present company included, is the application for SSI, Supplemental Security Insurance. It's uncharted territory for most of us.

Wouldn't it be great if we had a guide to sort out some of our many questions? Thankfully, Molly Clarke of Social Security Disability Help has agreed to provide answers to some commonly asked questions that leave us scratching our heads.

What questions would you like Molly to address in a post? I'm collecting your questions in the Comments section below to pass along for her expert response. Please add your questions to the Comment section to let her know what burning questions YOU have!

Then, stay tuned for Molly's answers...they are sure to be a big help!

Photo credit:  The Survival Woman at Flickr Creative Commons


Rachel said...

great topic. I guess I just need to know what are the first steps, and when do you begin the process? My son is 13, so it's a few years down the road for us. Is there paperwork or documentation I should start collecting now to make it easier then?

What about when a parent is no longer employed / is on disability /is deceased? Does SSI change for the disabled child in any of those scenarios?

Thank you Molly (and Rose Marie) for addressing this topic.

Anonymous said...

When do you apply? Can you apply before the 18th birthday, in anticipation that it will take a while or must you wait until the person is already 18?

Rose-Marie said...

Rachel and Anonymous, thank you so much for your feedback! I will pass your questions along to Molly. Be sure to check back for her answers. Thanks!