Murphy’s Law Revisited

Water dripping on your head from the upstairs bathroom through the ceiling below is never a good thing. It isn’t related to special needs, but it adds more corollaries to our little collection of Murphy’s Laws.
And so, I present to you these corollaries, both for your entertainment and as bit of an explanation for why things on the blog have been quiet this week:
1) The room that has been most recently remodeled will be the one to suffer from disaster-requiring-major-repair.
2) For families living with access issues, that room will also be one that has been remodeled for access.  In our present case, it is the only handicap-accessible bathroom in the house.
3) The timing of said disaster-requiring-major-repair will come when the schedule has least flexibility.
4) Aging features in a house that fit neither your needs nor tastes (i.e. carpeting much too uncomfortable for the amount of time a non-ambulatory child spends on the floor, and horribly ugly to boot) will last and last and last…and…last…interminably.
5) The budget for replacing these aging features will be needed to repair the room (fence, barn, fill-in-your-own-blank) remodeled just last year.
The good news is that my husband is quite handy. It seems we have caught the slow leak before dry rot set in. The weather is being cooperative for drying out lumber and for carrying new waterproof drywall from the home center. The repair should correct the problem that should never have happened in the first place.
But the nasty carpet will be here another year…

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