Special Needs WebTV: Announcing Family Network TV

How great would it be to have a WebTV channel dedicated to the needs and interests of families and professionals dealing with disabilities? Anyone with Internet access, anywhere in the world, would have access to the information and support available there.

Susan Stephens had a vision to make this happen, and it’s about to become reality! In the middle of January, 2011, Family Network TV will launch its premier WebTV lineup.
Check out “http://www.familynetworktv.com/: Uniting the Special Needs Community Worldwide.” Isn’t that subtitle an exciting one? I think of Internet friends across the globe. These are parents and teachers I’ve never met in person but who deal with the same issues of disability as I. Many struggle alone in countries where the lack of resources results in isolation and in unmet educational and medical needs.
Sharing information is a start towards correcting this situation; the idea of a worldwide network is thrilling!
Look at the lineup of shows premiering in mid-January, 2011...there is some great stuff planned!

Dare to be Rare: Hosted by Meagan Cross filmed in the Australian rainforest (Angelman syndrome and other rare disorders).

The Imperfection Connection: Hosted by Patty & Gina authors of “Shutup About Your Perfect Kid” (this pair hosts a lively website here: http://www.shutupabout.com/. If their show is anything like their site, it should be both thought-provoking and quite humorous!).

Siblinghood: Hosted by 4 typical teenagers with sibs that have special needs, including autism, Tourette syndrome, Down syndrome, and a rare chromosomal deletion.. Nick Lombardi, Amit Hezi, Alex Westcott, and Maggie Badock.

Perspective: Hosted by Tara Ecklund featuring the perspective of members of the special needs community from parents, teens, college students, business owners, adults and seniors with disabilities.

Abilities Expo TV: Episodes to include highlights from the Abilities Expo across the US featuring innovative products for the special needs community.

It’s A Matter of Law: hosted by Sheryl R. Frishman, Esq. & Jill F. Faber, Esq. from the law offices of Frishman & Faber, P.C., from New York. The show will cover all of the legal aspects of having a child with special needs so you can be an exceptional advocate for your exceptional child! Sheryl and Jill are not only highly experienced attorneys but parents of children with significant special needs and zealous advocates for children and adults with special needs and their families. No family member of a person with special needs should miss this informative and exciting new show!

Therapy Central: Episodes will explore therapies that are available and discuss their benefits. (Music, Listening, Dolphin, Suit Therapy, Conductive ED).

As we step into the year 2011, I wish you all blessings, happiness, and health.


Marcia said...

Wow! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I met Susan at World Congress on Disabilities!

Excellent concept, I agree.

Thanks for posting this notice, Rose-Marie. I hope to do something similar after they go live.