The Best of the Best Assistive Technology and AAC Websites

Recently I've had some requests for a handout from a presentation I gave in the Spring of 2009 on great websites useful for assistive technology and AAC. I really want to get this out for folks to use, although I have to admit that it will be a few days before I can check out each of the links to make sure they are still functioning. It's tough for me to put something up before I've had a chance to be certain everything is current, but part of an "adapting" mindset is that sometimes we can't let ourselves get bogged down in perfection. Given how much is on my plate today and over the next few days, "good enough" is just going to have to suffice.

So, with pleasure, I present "The Best of the Best AT/AAC Websites." Enjoy!

Here's a link to another location on the Web for "The Best of the Best AT/AAC Websites" at Google Docs, if you are unable to download from Scribd.


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